How to use a company to legally reduce taxes

How to use a company to legally reduce taxes

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 07:29
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Being part of an open community is always great, even more so when it is the FI community. Over the last few months I've got acquainted with the people at Financial Independence Europe, which resulted in us recording a podcast on some of my FI aspects.

It's been a few weeks since we recorded it, but it's live now! Here is what Alvar and Mathias have to say about this episode.

"Today we talk to Jons from the Netherlands who is currently living and working in China. He runs an IT agency in Hong Kong and is involved in a company based in Estonia, using both to manage his investments and legally reduce taxes 💁. We also talk about:

  • The advantages of the e-Residency program of Estonia compared to other countries
  • Using companies as a way to invest efficiently
  • China as a base for all Jons’s activities
  • Starting up companies in different countries
  • Tax systems in different countries
  • Jons’s funniest culture shock in China"

It was great talking about these topics and hope you enjoy the listen equally as I enjoyed the recording!

Thanks again Alvar and Mathias