Update: March 2019

Update: March 2019

Mon, 04/01/2019 - 08:29
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Winter has gave way for spring in South China, with temperature becoming very pleasant, ranging from 15 to 25 degrees. Winter is my least favorite season in China. It's cold, grey and polluted. Generally not very pleasant, so the change to spring is a good change. But enough of that, let's get into this month's update.

Assets Income
Fast Invest   Fast Invest (external) EUR 12,31
Envestio   Envestio (external) EUR 25,24
REDSTAR   REDSTAR (external) EUR 72,14
ProjectX EUR 800
Affiliate commissions EUR 36,17
Payment commissions EUR 210,30
Total EUR 1156,16

An interesting but stable month it was. The dividend payout for ProjectX has come in which is good. There is still a partial payment uncompleted due to certain complexities and it now seems less likely that that will be settled any time soon. So I am readjusting the monthly income of ProjectX for 2019 on the current dividend payment, if anything still follows this sum, I can always adjust it again. But this means that my projected 1000 EUR goes down to 800 EUR a month for 2019. Not the end of the world, still very much happy with the progress of this passive income source :) 

With the dividend lump sum coming in, I put some of it to work on Envestio, re-adjusted my index funds contributions, so I can average buy into that over the rest of the year and I added some more funds to my daughters investments account. In the coming month I am looking into diversifying by adding funds to other crowdfunding platforms. There are quite a few out there, but to keep with the diversifying mindset I would be interested to learn more about similar platforms, but outside of Europe. A interesting and 'odd' options is owning a camel (though Argikaab) in Somalia. A bit scary right? Not the place where you normally think of when thinking of investment opportunities.

On a personal note, March has been a stable and productive month. No travel was planned, but I ended up flying to Shanghai for 1 weekend. For REDSTAR I purchased the podcast "China Business Cast" (available on most podcasting platforms) and I was invited to the TECOM conference as a media partner. Gladly accepted the offer and was able to have a blast, learn a lot and record a total of 4 podcast episodes! Very productive weekend. 

But I made one "bad" mistake. In my rush to get things arranged, I booked my flight ticket on the wrong date (a whole week early, don't know what was going on in my brain). Costing me about 110 EUR to get the dates changed. What a waste of money.

Savings rate

My Shanghai trip was a business expense, so that did not had any effect on my savings rate. But I did pay the changing fee from my personal accounts as that was just the easiest way at the time. Paying by phone with Air China is not the easiest with non-Chinese payment methods. Beside that my wife booked a plane ticket to her hometown, so that cost is included in this month, but will she will travel in April. After last months -37% it could only be better right. And it sure bounced back in the right direction, ending on 46,65%. This is something I sometimes feel I should work on. But should I? Sometimes there are just costs that can't really be avoided, we already live on the low end of spending costs, less would be impacting our lifestyle and happiness. Which is not worth the extra savings we could accumulate, still got to live life.

Savings rate March 2019

What's next

Ms. Hustle and little one will be in the home town for most of the month, which gives me some more space to focus on my hustles. Beside my focus on being productive, I will be riding into the wild mountains of Western Sichuan on my motorbike. Really looking forward to that, 5 days away from my digital life and the city. It's been an intense winter and spring so far and having a few days away from it all will be good. Work hard, play hard.

Let's hustle on and see what the month brings!