Update: January 2019

Update: January 2019

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 23:18
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Lot's of snow, airplanes and family this winter, a great start of the year. With not too bad results on costs and income either!

Assets Income
Fast Invest   Fast Invest (external) EUR 11,49
Envestio   Envestio (external) EUR 22,00
REDSTAR   REDSTAR (external) EUR 52,13
ProjectX EUR ~1000
Affiliate commissions EUR 0,57
Payment commissions EUR 163,49
Total EUR 1249,68

A solid month in the books. Small increases on the majority of income streams and an upcoming big change in the ProjectX income. For that we are switching the way we pay out dividends and it's time to increase the dividends as well. We are not able to pay the dividends just yet, hopefully we manage to do that in February or otherwise in March. The dividends will be payed in terms of 3 or 6 months, so I will be using the monthly average of that in my monthly reports. The current amount is an estimate, once we are actually paying the dividends I will be able to correctly list that income stream in upcoming reports.

An other exiting thing that happened in January, was a visit to Riga with a meeting with Envestio. I've written a review of my experiences and the insights gained from that meeting on the blog.

Savings rate

January was fully spend in Europe, with a few nice trips. A family winter trip in Austria, with close to 3 meters of snow all around. A few days after that we flew to the Baltic region for a 5 day business trip going from Tallinn to Riga and ending in Vilnius. A very productive and action packed few days. Right now, as of writing, we are back in China with the wife's family for Chinese New Year until mid February. Happy to soon settle in a more consistent flow again after 6 flights in less then two months.

All this travelling of course has it's costs. But we were able to hardly touch any of my active income in China (except the costs for one flight in China), as we were out of the country. Instead I've payed back some of my personal investments in REDSTAR. Those are not in investments in the same sense as the investments listed above, but funds I personally put in the company to start and run it and that I had not yet taken out to pay 'myself' back. So I feel that amount can not be classified as 'income' as it's just an reimbursement from the company back into my personal accounts for funds that I borrowed to the company. Not newly generated income. Also a fair share of the Baltic trip was reimbursed as those were corporate costs, which has helped keep costs reasonable.

All in all, even though we travelled over 20.000km this winter, we've been lucky enough to keep costs low, which resulted in a savings rate of 60,11% for January, were it not that we payed yearly insurance costs, which lowered our savings rate to 26.76%.

Savings rate - January 2019

What's next

Things seem on track, February is the Chinese New Year month with the official start on the 5th. Got a lot of good things done in the last few months and some new exiting things in the pipeline. On the investments front I'm really exited by the increased dividends from ProjectX for 2019. This project is really going to be important in reaching my first FI goal in the future.