Update: February 2019

Update: February 2019

Mon, 03/04/2019 - 15:28
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February was a month of change and saying goodbye to the old Chinese year. Landing back in China from our Europe winter trips, directly flying of to Guilin to spend time with my wife's family for two weeks and settling back in at our home in Chengdu for the second half of the month.

Assets Income
Fast Invest   Fast Invest (external) EUR 10,84
Envestio   Envestio (external) EUR 30,11
REDSTAR   REDSTAR (external) EUR 86,74
ProjectX EUR ~1000
Affiliate commissions EUR 64,74
Payment commissions EUR 188,08
Total EUR 1380,51

An other month with upwards progress, which is always nice to see. The dividend change for ProjectX has not yet been completed. We are still working on paying ourselves dividend over 2018, but are making good progress. Expecting to be able to receive that in full or at least a partial payment for that this month, April at latest. Where before we were planning 3 or 6 months dividend payments, we are now changing it to a yearly payout. Overall closing in on 50% of my first goal, which I am super exited about. And my review of my experiences and the insights with Envestio this winter got some some good traffic as it was picked up on some sites, which is nice to see.

With things going well on a personal level as the passive income level, I'm happy with how February turned out.

Savings rate

February continues with travel, flying to my wife's hometown in Guangxi, returning in the middle of February to our own home after a break of 7 weeks. Spending Chinese New Year in the Chinese country side with family is very affordable. However all the flights, the mandatory 'hongbao', red envelopes with money to give out and buying a new 'sanlunche' (a motorcycle trike) for the family did no good for our savings rate. Ending up on a whopping negative -37,22%. But remember this is on my active income, the passive income is not being touched, saved and put to work again. So maybe not so bleak as it sounds.

Savings rate - February 2019

What's next

The next few months should be quite a bit more stable, no long distance travel planned, till at least the summer. Exited to dig into a bit of work and being steady in one place for a bit. My wife and little one will fly out to her parents again in April for the Chinese tomb sweeping festival and a mix of other holidays. Gives me the chance to focus on work and take one or two trips on my motor bike to explore the mountains of Sichuan. An other thing I am exited about is, that I became the host of the China Business Cast podcast this month. Already put some good work into that and produced two shows, with a few more in the pipeline.

Let's see what the month brings!