Update: December 2018

Update: December 2018

Sat, 12/29/2018 - 16:21
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Last month of the year. Time flies and looking forward to a new, exiting and adventurous 2019 with lot's of personal and financial growth!

Assets Income
Fast Invest   Fast Invest (external) EUR 10,80
Envestio   Envestio (external) EUR 19,50
REDSTAR   REDSTAR (external) EUR 50,41
ProjectX EUR 508,02
Affiliate commissions EUR 2,48
Payment commissions EUR 140,63
Total EUR 731,84

About 100 EUR less than last month mainly due to lower affiliate and payment commissions. I'm still quite happy with my investments though Envestio, but I'm even more confused on their referral rules as this time they generated less then the expected 2,5% (2,48 EUR total for December), but that could be related to the 'over-payment' of last month. I should reach out to them and see what is up. One down side on Envestio is that there have been less investments opportunities available from mid December onwards, which is causing a bit of cash drag. But I got in touch with them about that and they mentioned a whole bunch of investment opportunities are in the pipeline for Q1 2019.

The investments with Fast invest have been going well, all planned repayments were made on time and plenty of loans to choose for reinvestment. The payout is slightly lower as the principal amounts drops with each repayment. With reinvestment they are back in play but won't be paying out until next instalment.

Savings rate

December is always a tricky month with all the holidays and gifting festivities. We went to visit our family in Holland for Christmas where we will stay till the end of January. We will mostly manage to keep our costs down as we are able to crash with family, but some costs will be higher for many things there than in China obviously. But that is expected :) December ended on a savings rate of 54,21%.

Savings rate December

What's next

I've finally been able to regain control of my business finances, after being locked out for 2 months from the majority of my corporate funds, of course it took again way longer than my original expected timeline. See my LeoPay review and their current situation on Trustpilot. Good thing I am out of that nasty situation and now able to move forward again with my business and further investing from January onwards. As expected in the last report, December has been pretty stable.