Update: April 2019

Update: April 2019

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 20:51
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April has been a productive month, it started with a few days of real 'me' time, going on a 5-day motorbike trip through the mountains of Sichuan. Always feels good to get out of the city and into these massive mountain ranges. Had 5 days of sun and even got a little sunburned. Ms. Hustle and little one coming back from their family visit mid April, brought her sister along for a week and a bit in this side of the country. During that time we also managed to do a weekend trip to Xi'an, which despise the rainy weather was a very pleasant trip with old walls and lot's of local BBQ.   

Assets Income
Fast Invest   Fast Invest (external) EUR 11,71
Envestio   Envestio (external) EUR 45,58
REDSTAR   REDSTAR (external) EUR 80,92
ProjectX EUR 800
Affiliate commissions EUR 15,62
Payment commissions EUR 214,42
Total EUR 1168,25

An stable month, nothing to spectacular. I've added some more funds to Envestio in March and that has now started paying out. Everything else is stable or slowly increasing with returns being re-invested.

One thing that has become an issue on Envestio, as other bloggers also pointed out, is that projects get funded so damn fast. I tried to invest in one project within 10 minutes of receiving the email and I was too late. Come on, with that pace it becomes impossible to invest for most people. So I reached out to the team at Envestio and this is what they had to say:

Sure, we are working on the issue and trying to improve the investment process. Some small projects (100-200k EUR) are indeed funded super quickly, but we can’t eliminate such borrowers, as they need their funding and investors wish diversification.

Our team is already developing the AutoInvest set-up, which we expect to launch end of spring. It will help investors to automate the investing process and allow for more even allocation of funds, in cases where demand may actually exceed a project’s funds collection target.

Also we have much ongoing negotiation with potential borrowers and we are trying to attract bigger loan originators (as you might see our average tier size has increased over time). Some of the arrangements are almost finalized, so we plan to publish more and larger opportunities end of April - May.

So hopefully soon-ish these investment and cash-drag issues will be relieved on Envestio.

Savings rate

This months savings rate is a bit of an estimate unfortunately. The multiple travels and a change in how I get paid has made my tracking inaccurate. While it is great that we have the ability to live this lifestyle, it does not help with stabilizing our saving rate. Lucky for us that domestic travel in China is pretty cheap, especially if you take the train, which we did on our Xi'an trip. So all in all we ended up on a savings rate of 27,71%.

Savings rate - April 2019

What's next

End of April and so far May has been crazy busy with hustling. Business is picking up quite nicely and working on some decent upgrades there. That is also why this update is coming out so late. But I guess it is a good sign, the hustle takes priority and will eventually be reflected in the numbers and graphs here.

Let's hustle on and see what the month brings!