Hi, I'm Jons! and live in China with my wife and daughter.

I never held a full-time job and have been hustling with my businesses since I graduated from university in The Netherlands, that is where I am from originally. I love being an entrepreneur, the feeling of building up something, it's never been easy and had quite a few failures, but the overall feeling of growth of the business and as a person has been very rewarding.

Through my business hustles, starting in 2007-2008 in The Netherlands, I guess I have always been working on my financial independence journey, without specifically realising it. I've stumbles across the financial independence world mid 2018 and got serious with it a few months later.

Family picture

Financial independence (FI) has a different meaning for everyone and I am not yet financial independent, but have already taken a few steps in the right direction. For me financial independence means:

Being able to choose how and where to spend time without financial restrictions

This does not mean one sits on their ass and does nothing once FI is reached, but really puts you in control of your own time and destiny to do things that you enjoy and have a passion for.

The goals

One has to start somewhere and find their own path. I'm using my businesses and hustles to move forward on this path. I've set the following incremental goals.

Goal 1: 3000 EUR per month from investments
39% 39% Complete
Goal 2: 5000 EUR per month from investments
23% 23% Complete
Goal 3: 10.000 EUR per month from investments
11% 11% Complete


If you would like to contact me, please reach out to me by email on: jons@hustletoindependence.com


My ramblings, thoughts and updates on my financial independence journey is not investment advise. Do your own research and/or seek professional advise. Maintaining an engaging blog takes time and effort, so where possible I will try to monetise through various options, such as affiliate links and other methods. By using those links or system I might earn commissions or a bonus. Some of these links will provide benefits to you as well if you decide to use that service or platform!


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